Saturday, 14 June 2008

You couldn't make it up

Friday night.

Four hour round trip in the dog-bus, from the peaceful sheep-sanctuary of our village to the thriving metropolis of Manchester to take our places in the audience of the Britain's Got Talent Live Tour.

Badger's latest tic comprises singing popular songs, but replacing a key word in the lyrics with either "Badger" or "Schmaow".

Badger's repertoire is really quite impressive, and we particularly enjoyed:

Boney M's seventies favourite: By the river of Badgerlon

The Nolan Sisters' wedding classic: I'm in the mood for Schmaowing.

Tears for Fears's stadium fillers: Schmaow, Schmaow, let it all out, and Schmaowing the seeds of love.

and Rod Stewart's poke-your-eyes-out lyrical masterpiece: We are badgers, we are badgers ..

The return journey was mostly Disney themed, and a high point was reached when Badger pulled off a wonderful impression of Angela Lansbury (aka Miss Marple, a classic Type B Badgerism) as the teapot in Beauty and the Badger.

The Britain's Got Talent Show was actually rather good, and only a little bit less entertaining than four hours in a car with Badger.


Beanz said...

Angela Lansbury is Miss Marple? I thought she was Jessicca Fletcher. You guys are screwing with my brain, with your apostrophes and actors...
(PS should my question mark be italicised too or is it ok to keep is straight (above)).

You are lucky to have a Badger.

Beanz said...

PPS I forgot my question mark after my question about a question mark. Sorry.


Miss Tickle said...

Have you considered hiring a recording studio? I believe you can do so by the hour... ;)

trousers said...

How about a rendition of Dylan's "Badger's Farm?"


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story, especially having had the privilege of meeting Badger in person yesterday.

Now she's got me thinking about why Dairylea triangles don't stay in shape when they come out of the wrapper.....and I want to go and buy some right now.