Saturday, 13 December 2008

Scary stunts....

On last nights local news was a strory about a Yorkshire man who had won £7 million on the Lottery.

How very lovely for him. But what made the story a real joy was that the man was a stunt actor - ohh err how terribly exciting the news crew and all the viewers must have thought.. but then..... the story was about to take a down turn.

News man: "So what kind of films or programmes have you worked on as a stunt actor, have you ever been hurt?"...
Yorkshire man: "Well I am a stunt actor for Heartbeat...."


Can you imagine!! a flamin stunt actor for Heartbeat, whats the most dangerous thing that ever happens in one of the dullest shows ever to be produced...

"Oh nooo, I have slipped on a rogue ham sandwhich.... quick quick call Nick Berry, these litter bugs must be shot"...
"Arghhh" went the scream as Mr Brown got his slacks caught in his bicycle chain..

Must be a real hairy job that, stunt acting for Heartbeat, goodness, how his wife must worry.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Badgerisms - The Musical Quiz!

Recently Badger has been mostly ticking improvisations on popular hits.

Points will be awarded for guessing the original tune and artist. Submissions in the comments please. First prize is a signed original Badger-designed christmas card.

1) Some Badgers they love one another...

2) Don't you wish your Badger was strong like me - dontcha

3) I feel like chicken in tights

4) This could be Badger for everyone!

5) Come on feel the Badge (NOOOOO!)

6) Just grab a Badger and dance

And while you're here, if you haven't already done so please visit and blog it and stuff so that other people who read your blog will also kindly come and tell us what matters. Thank you muchly.

Friday, 5 December 2008

1000 things that matter

We need your help. We're making a film and we need to know what matters to you.

So, we've just launched and we're keen to get 1000 entries as fast as possible.

Please spread the word :) We know you all have great ideas and lots to say... and we look forward to hearing your entries.

Go on. What are you waiting for?

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Snowed in...

I bring this to you after having a jolly good sweep of the satellite dish to gain an internet connection.