Thursday, 5 June 2008

Heaven is ...

Drinking tea in the sunshine in the garden at breakfast time. Being paid to write a book that really excites me. Ruby lying on her blanket at my feet, cats safely locked in the office, as we are enjoying the sights and sounds of baby blackbirds fledging. Parents chirping instructions, whilst fluffy brown things with unsteady wings hop up and down the mountain bikes beside me. Wall to bike, bike to wall. I wonder if I am interrupting but they don't seem bothered by Ruby and I. Skipping into the porch corner behind my chair.

When you arrive somewhere in autumn or winter, spring really is a surprise.


Badger said...

Sounds nice - wish I was there. I am lonely.

Ms Melancholy said...

Hey Badger, wish I was there too! I'm at work, although clearly not actually working right now, as that would just be rude.

Doesn't she know that work is not supposed to be that enjoyable? We may have to give her extra jobs at the weekend to compensate :)