Monday, 9 June 2008

Capital punishment

I just received the following email message from my father:

Hi Stray,

capitalised is spelld wrongously on your krib shite.

If you want it to be on the walls of unsuspecting children, it will need to be amenderated.

With deep parental love,


He may have been spending too much time chatting on facebook with George Bush, but he is absolutely correct (the error is within the section about hyphens). My sincere apologies to anyone who has already distributed this sheet (or shite) as a hand-out in their school/family/church/neighbourhood. 

The corrected version can now be downloaded.

As Misssy M has now rebranded chasing-sheep as a public service, I should state that I have the full backing of my colleagues. I will of course be reconsidering my position in due course, and making the entirely voluntary decision to tender my resignation in order to spend more time with my family.


In unrelated news, it is very sunny and I am writing this in my garden. Bliss!


Random Reflections said...

Does your dad read your blog or did you send it to him like bringing a project home from school?? I am hoping it is the latter, as I am scared of families that actually allow each other to know what goes on in their lives.

Stray said...

Hey RR - is that very frightening? I'm afraid that he does, indeed, read my blog.

I was going to send it to him if he hadn't read it first though.

I had stumbled upon the blogs of a couple of people I knew in real life before I started my own, so I decided to be parent-friendly from the outset.

I keep telling my dad to get his own. Perhaps he has and simply hasn't shared the URL?

Kahless said...

Thanks for the crib sheet. You know I never knew the apostrophy rules or that mathematics isnt capitalised but English is!

Allowing family to read your blog is brave!

Böbø said...

Stray, I want to complain, and I want to complain to a rules-based person. And since you're the most rules-based person I know I'm going to complain to you.


Why oh Why is there a PH in Philippines

But an F in Filipino

What's the rule in that? And don't even get me on why are two pp's in ppines and only one in pino?

Thank you. I feel better for that.

Miss Tickle said...

By the way. I've missed you chaps.