Thursday, 18 September 2008

Good problems to have

Last week, when I was on a tube train in Boston, I spluttered and coughed my way through a bit of slow burn asthma, explaining to the tallest member of Team Geek that my server was overloaded by the Black Boxes widget, and that I didn't normally cough this much but I wasn't used to the pollution.

Wow said he. You have some really great problems right now: you can't breathe because you're not normally exposed to pollution, and you're outta bandwidth because your viral went ... viral.

A great insight.

These are really, really good problems to have. Thank you universe.


25000 hits today. Widget displayed 9000 times since last night. 600 new choices / blog entries. 15000 mystery blogs visited by blackboxers. Wow.


Fire Byrd said...

You are one clever cookie Ms Stray.
Just hope you got it patented and are making your fortune.

Caroline said...

OH. MY. GOD!!!!


sheepish said...

Stray you are more than amazing that widget just blows me away.
Caroline says it all.

Stray said...

Fire Byrd, what a lovely thought ... but no, I'm not sure you could even begin to patent this sort of thing, and I am most certainly not making my fortune! If only I was on a pay-per-click :)

I did get paid to do the day or so of development work that it took to initially build it, which is really good of TFP / Harper Collins because there was no guarantee at all that people would love the widget, and I'd only scrawled a few lines describing it in an email.

However .. at the moment it's costing me money because it's using so much bandwidth on my server :)

I am hoping that people will feel a connection to Cas's book though, and if they spot it in Borders maybe they'll feel drawn to it and pick it up. I thought In Search of Adam was an amazing novel and if a few more people read Black Boxes, and then maybe also go back and order In Search of Adam then that would be a fantastic outcome.

Cas - I know. I know. I know. Aren't we lucky?

Sheepish - Thank you! It's lovely to see you here :)

trousers said...

Astonishing, it really is. You should be very proud!

Jude said...

It is the most fantastic idea and you are very clever and generous to have done it.


Kahless said...

Wow. You are clever.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

You are a victim of your own smartness Stray - however, the bell curve will level out sooner or later and the bandwidth will be given a bit of a rest. Balance, balance. Now breath deeply - sans pollution!

Glory von Hathor said...
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