Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Wuthering Heights and all that....

People say strange things to you when you move to the back of beyond. 

What do you do with yourselves? (Answer: mostly we chase the sheep.)

Don't you get bored? (Answer: only when the sheep won't play out.)

Isn't it just really miserable when it rains?

I find this last one hard to understand. I have lived in various places around the country and none of them have attracted me because of the marvelous way they just come alive when it pisses down. Hackney, inner city Manchester and the suburbs of Bradford deserve a particular mention for their capacity to induce suicidal feelings after days of endless British drizzle.
Tonight it has been drizzling, or mizzling, as we say around these parts, which is a particularly persistent form of drizzling. I couldn't watch tele because we had no reception. I couldn't listen to the radio because we had no reception. I couldn't surf the web because we had no internet connection. I couldn't chase the sheep because they won't play in the rain. 

In the absence of any other amusement I sat on the balcony and watched the mist roll round the tops of the hills before meandering aimlessly down into the valley. The sheep were tucked sensibly behind the walls, and the mizzle was mizzling for Yorkshire. 

It was bleak. It was dour, grim, stark and forbidding all at the same time. It was positively Wuthering Heights, if Wuthering Heights were an adjective. I couldn't think of any place I would rather be. 

In a not-at-all-clunky-or-contrived link, there is plenty of Wuthering-Heights-induced excitement around these parts at the moment. 

The local news reported this week that George Clooney and Johnny Depp are in the area, for yet another remake. A quick google search indicates that La Jolie, Natalie Portman and/or Sienna Miller are also involved. That's the local B & B full up then, unless the girls decide to bunk up together in which case you might get a room if you book quickly. 

A film crew in the neighbouring village, however,  turned out to be filming the new ITV adaptation of Wuthering Heights. I am fond of Sarah Lancashire, but Angelina Jolie she is not. 

Stray wouldn't let me ask the film crew if anyone famous was hanging around (Ms M, please, no....) or even what they were filming (I said no!) or if they needed any extras (at this point she started to rock.) She used to be on the tele-box, so is way cooler than me when it comes to meeting famous people.

I have, however, discovered that Jean-Luc Picard lives about five miles away. Don't tell Stray, but I think I can track him down. I have the sheep on the case. 


Caroline said...

Oh Ms M, being an extra in a film is on my list of things to do before being 40. So, if you'd like to ask for me I would be mostly thrilled. I would promise to behave and not dribble or drool.


JJ said...

Oooh, wouldn't that be fun? Count me in. I'd put up with the mizzling for that!

I honestly don't think you could ever get bored looking at the views there. Just perfect.

trousers said...

Oh to heck with the celebs, your part of the world is just gorgeous in the rain. Just as well, since there's plenty of it - but having read your words I can hear, smell and feel the Yorkshire rain, and it's a fine feeling. Thank you Ms M :)

Ms Melancholy said...

Hey lovely Cas, you're on - just don't tell Stray :)

Hi there JJ, you too! And ditto x

Hey trousers, you must drop us a line next time you are in our neck of the woods. We make very lovely tea and biscuits and have a very friendly local :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, famous people! Bobo and I are coming for a week of mizzle hols in rainy Yorkshire next week. I am now on a mission to find Jean Luc Picard's house. Oh my!

Ah bless, Stray being cool as an ex tele-box bod. Naughty you for embarrassing her Ms Mmmmmmmm. Poor thing {{{Stray}}}.

trousers said...

Did I get deleted? I'm a little puzzled.

Ms Melancholy said...

Blogger appears to not only have deleted my reply to your comments, but also deleted the comment that Trousers left. Sorry about that trews!

Lovely Cas and JJ I shall most certainly ask. Would that be the Clooney/Depp version you are interested in, or the ITV version? Tough call, I know.

Ms Melancholy said...

How bizarre. Blogger appears to be randomly deleting comments from this post.....I have replied twice but Blogger keeps eating my words. At least you have reappeared, Trousers....you disappeared too for a while there.

l-q-s said...

Ms. M, if you happen to bump in to Captain Picard at any point, would you please do me a favour and tell him I love him? If he's in his normal Patrick Stewart persona, you can still tell him. *swoon*