Sunday, 10 August 2008

It takes 18 minutes ...

for the local voluntary fire service to reach our village.

Dogs can detect fire much faster than people.

Bank statements burn at a particularly high temperature.

Having your chimney swept yearly is an excellent way to prevent chimney fires.

The fire-brigade are very lovely chaps and chappesses who do a fantastic job.

13-year-old boys are not overly impressed by the idea of a ride in a fire engine.

When you live in a remote rural community the emergency services dispense with the normally lengthy interrogation and get on with dispatching help to you.

Ruby never barks without good reason.

Neighbours may piss themselves laughing when you pop down the pub to tell them that the fire brigade are headed for your house and not theirs, but this is just their way of showing support. They will later offer tea / beds / help cleaning up. (Not required but appreciated).

The fire service will fit 10-year smoke alarms before they leave.

Discussing whether it is the landlord's responsibility to have the chimney swept does not prevent a chimney fire.

Ruby will be getting a very large bone tomorrow.

Rearrange the statements above to work out what our Saturday night was like.


JJ said...


VERY glad you're clearly all okay ...

It always really irritates me that talking about these things doesn't mean you've got it organised.

pierre l said...

oh dear! I assume you are all OK; I hope the house is mostly OK as well?

Miss Tickle said...

Oh Stray! Hope you are all safe and sound and not in any way frazzled. x

pierre l said...

After further thought, the fire sounds worse. Very sorry to read that. Well done Ruby.

Liz said...

Poor you! Thank goodness for wonderful dogs.

Voluntary fire service?! How amazing some people are.

uphilldowndale said...

My sister in laws house caught fire the very first time they lit the log burner, it had seemed during the evening,but she got up to go to the loo during the night and could see a strange red glow downstairs, the glow came from the beam over the fireplace the stove had been incorrectly fitted,and the beam had caught fire from inside the chimney; scary.

Kahless said...

Glad you are ok and no-one (including Ruby) was injured.

Ms Melancholy said...

Hi jj, yes, we are all fine thanks to Ruby's lassie behaviour. And yes, we have been talking about getting the chimney swept since we moved in which feels like almost as good as getting it swept until it's on fire. Thanks for calling x

Hi there pierre, yes, all is is ok. The fire fighters didn't even need to get their hoses out, which is just as well as there is no mains water in the village which means putting out fires rather randomly depends upon the river being full, which often it isn't. Oh, the joys of country living,

Hey lovely miss tickle, all safe and sound, thanks to little Ruby and her sixth sense. Hugs to you :)

Hi there liz, yes, the professional crews are about 35 to 40 minutes away but a local village has a voluntary crew which. Apparently they were all sitting on their sofas watching TV when they got the call....

Jon M said...

Aaaargh! I set fire to our chimney some years ago and it was very scary listening as it took hold! I thought the house was going to collapse!

I also helped to put out a barn fire up in the wild and wooly Scottish borders many years ago, literally 'form a chain and pass the bucket along' and then we sat drinking whiskey with the fire brigade for the rest of the night!

That's So Pants said...

Hi Sheepies

Nice to see you haven't lost your collective sense of humour. Glad you're all fine.



l-q-s said...

But I though Ms. M would have recruited your woolly friends into forming a bucket chain should it be necessary? Perhaps they didn't want to get too close in case they inadvertently ended up on the dinner table, well done. Or perhaps they're fed up of being chased? :)

Am very glad everyone is ok. And Ruby deserves lots of extra treats for quite a while. I remember the chimney on our house in Cork caught fire one New Years Eve. I seem to recall there being lots of whisky involved after the general tumult had died down a bit!