Friday, 22 August 2008

the songs of love and joy......

Badger has a unique form of Tourettes Syndrome, according to her neurologist.

She has mostly singing tics, which come in a variety of forms. Sometimes she will replace key lyrics from songs with the words Badger or shmaow eg. I'm In The Mood for Schmaowing. Much more fun the The Nolan Sisters' original, I'm In The Mood For Dancing, although we have yet to work out exactly what it is to schmaow.

Sometimes she has a kind of singing echoalia, where she repeats your words but adds a tune of her own (eg Master M, put your laptop away!)

Badger's most recent singing tics, however, have made us smile the most. She is singing a kind of musical-theatre-style libretto to accompany any activity, complete with over-articulated-consonants and desperately-earnest-tone. The songs of love and joy, we call them, mostly because of the many references to love and/or joy. (eg the potatoes of love! at a particularly delicious batch of potato wedges served up by Stray.)

If you were at a Cameron Mackintosh production, you might want to poke your own eyes out. In the context of your own dinner table, however, it is much more amusing than I can begin to describe.  Badger's tics fill us all with love and joy.
We have had a very sad little Badger since she broke her right paw, raving at our neighbour's house. She had a little sing in the ambulance on the way to the hospital (Just Grab a Badger, and Dance to the tune of Let's Face The Music and Dance, much to the amusement of the paramedic). And then the singing stopped. No more songs of love and joy. No more musical theatre Tourettes style. 

Mario Kart and Master M are playing a critical part in Badger's recovery. Master M is happy for any excuse to be glued to the sofa with a controller in his hand, although Badger says that watching me play Mario Kart is marginally more painful than her broken ankle. Apparently I play 'like a mum', just because I don't think it's big or clever to overtake on a blind bend. 

We are hoping for a swift recovery. Life just isn't the same without the songs of love and joy. 



McBöbø said...

Awwwww poor Badger. We hope the songs tweet again soon.

On brighter news, HullaBobo Towers are now open to business with sleeping for four / two (depending on it being a boys weekends). It would be lovely to see, no doubt on your way to something bracing.

trousers said...

Lovely stuff (except for the broken paw of course) - I do hope that the singing starts again when Badger is feeling better.

My continuing best wishes for a full and speedy recovery x

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

OOOWWWW - that foot looks sore and that, together with the absence of songs must make the chasing sheep house a much quieter place. here's hoping Badger is soon better and singing again!

TJam said...

From Annie (Tomorrow)

The songs'll come back
To Badger
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
There'll be schmoa

Just thinking about
That Badger
Hoping the pain goes quickly
From her paw

Oh Badger, Oh Badger
We love you
Potato-y wedges will cheer you up
Oh Badger, Oh Badger
We love you
We hope that you're singing your heart out soon.

nmj said...

Badger, This is awful for you, take care, & mend soon! x