Friday, 7 March 2008

This evening I am mostly ...

... grateful that Paula Abdul is not my next of kin.

The doctors would not have a clue what she had decided.

Apologies to those who do not watch American Idol.  

Ms Melancholy has of course pointed out that if I am ever in a situation where Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell are deciding my fate then I should just tell myself firmly to wake up immediately.


In other news, there is no word of lamb2 as yet.  We watched several bound around one of the crofts earlier, and I think I may have recognised lamb1 and lamb2 with their mother but I couldn't be certain. Fingers and paws still crossed!

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PurpleSparkleBright said...

Lamb 2! What happened? The suspense!!! arrgh!
Did it come out of the oven alive. Aw. its almost enough to make me want to be a veggie. HI by the way.....miss you guys xF