Friday, 22 February 2008

Connecting with nature?

This is the view from the top of the hills behind our home. 

Are we lucky or what?

Badger snapped this last Sunday as we stopped for chocolate and lamb kibble at the summit. We humans were exhausted, whilst little Roo still had energy to bound around, and Badger lamented yet again about the consequences of the terrible design decision evolution made in surrendering our front legs.

It reminded me of a recent post by Queen Vixen about finding her animal spirit guide, something I found quite interesting because I've been reading so much about all sorts of belief systems in researching the book I'm writing.  I believe the spiritual comes from within rather than outside, but it's fun and sometimes useful to imagine what kind of animal (or car, or potato snack) we might feel affinity with.  

Clearly Badger already has her allegiances marked out, and as Ms M enquired what I thought my own animal spirit guide might be I let go of conscious thought and simply said the first thing that popped into my brain ...

... which was ...

... Pac-Man.



Anonymous said...

Pac man, bless {{{Stray}}}. I sooo want to go on a Shamanic workshop with you. You could see it as valid book research and I reckon you would suit bear skins and drum banging.

You might even discover that the gorgeous and enthusiastic Ruby is your soul sister.


Anonymous said...
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But Why? said...

Yeeees, Stray.

Pac-man: a two-dimensional character with no existence outside of a computer.

Stray: a character with existence outside of a computer.

Counting characters and including spaces, it appears that you are in fact 72% Pac-man. Congratulations!

Böbø said...

Awwwww Stray, you are so Pac-man ... nim-nim-niming around the place.

Jennie said...

Please, what is lamb kibble? (Kibble is now my new favourite word.)

Ms Melancholy said...

Hi hullaballoo, I have no doubt at all that Ruby is Stray's soul sister. Just so long as she doesn't start to look like her!

I have added you to our blog family, by the way. Big warm welcome to you!

Hi there but why?, only 72% pac man? Surely not? There are just so many similarities (apart from the whole compulsive eating thing of course.)

Yes indeedy bobo. How does that go? nim-nim-nimming?

Hey Jennie, don't get excited! Lamb kibble is a dog food, and Ruby says it is far less exciting than all the special food we keep in the bin. Great word though, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

thanks Ms Mmmmmm.


Stray said...

thanks Hullaballoo - I'm not sure about the bear skins - do they make them in kids sizes, because I'm an age 11-12?

lovely but why? - 72%! wow - that's fab! I actually used a pacman analogy at work today ...! I think I might blog it :)

Bobo - yes, nim-nim-nimming is exactly the noise I make. Ms M thinks she has tinnitus, but I will break the news to her gently ...

Jennie - they do look quite tasty I think. Sometimes I fancy they'd make excellent croutons in a hearty bowl of winter vegetable soup ...

I might start using kibble in other contexts too. If the three of us start doing it, how long do you think it would take to catch on?

Ms M - I promise that I won't start looking like Ruby ... after all, I don't think I even have any velour in my wardrobe ...

Anonymous said...

Stray honey, of course they make bear skins in kids sizes, what do you think baby bears wear when they are chilly in winter.

And the only reason for the absence of velour in your wardrobe is that you are expressing your velour needs through ruby's histrionic and delightfully majestic wardrobe.

what a proud mummy you will be when she gets well into her my little pony phase lol.