Sunday, 23 November 2008

Wintery walks..

We woke to snow and sunshine this morning, so we went for a walk up the hill behind the house.

I took my camera and this is what I found....


nmj said...

Hey Badger, I think snow is lovely as long as it's not where I am! I like snow well enough, it's the post-snow slush & greyness I hate!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Badger, we didn't see the snow here in Edinburgh. Lucky you.


trousers said...

Oh, just lovely. I'm personally very disappointed, I was hoping for the wintry temperatures and weather, but we didn't get any round these parts. Just lots of wind and rain :(

DOT said...

How beautiful - reminds me of the early sixties when it seemed to snow every winter and I was at a school set in the Ribble valley.

The Cornish Cowgirl said...

Stunning! I really must get round to visiting your neck of the woods some time Badger. I bet you have a beautiful set!

B said...

you are a lucky lucky badger. i am a jealous jealous b :o)

the snow here was a bit naff!

Cellar Door said...

It is really beautiful where you live! Breathtaking!

PurpleSparkleBright said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful.

uphilldowndale said...

All we got was icy rain

Carlsberg said...

OooI would like to go there!

Beautiful pics. Beautiful hills.

Badger said...

NMJ - Ah yes the slush, not nice, it never seems to get warm enough to become slush here at the moment, just solid icey bits

Hullaballoo - We did not have much snow, not like east anglia, they had loads, but it was nice and sunny which made it especially nice snow... :)

Trews - You clearly live somewhere incorrect, I suggest you head to the Dales more often.

DOT - I can only imagine the early 60's as I was a mere egg waiting to be hatched. Snow is a treat for me as when I was young I lived in surrey where snow was very rare indeed, I do remember one winter sledging though, I had a sledge with a steering wall and all the other kids were jealous.

Cowgirl - You had far better snow where you were, your pics rocked!

B - Lucky I was indeed, and lucky today too, as I walked up a big hill and found even more snow at the top.

Cellerdoor - it sure is. :)

PSB - :D !!! thank you.

UHD - icy rain yuk, I hope you stayed inside. *wonder is you are north or south of us* I very much like your chicken on a wall picture. lovely.

Carlsberg - you would love it here, our dog Ruby says the sheep poo is especially tasty this time of year, she clearly only likes it served cold.