Saturday, 22 November 2008

am I getting old, or what....?

In 1992 I  was far too busy listening to  On-U Sound and marching with militant to take them seriously. 

in 1996 I was far too busy being post-natally depressed to give a monkeys about their disbanding, let alone call the help-line that was set up by the Samaritans to support their distressed fans.  

But in 2008 I can't help but notice how - like a cheesecake or a chili con carne - Take That are much better for having spent a short spell in the fridge. 


Glory von Hathor said...

Correct on the fridge front.

And with hindsight we can enjoy the manic/disdainful grin of Robbie at his fat nemesis (and now hot nemesis) The Barlow.

I enjoy being a dirty old woman and fancying 3/4 of McFly.

McBöbø said...

Obviously ... well I hope obviously, I was never the target market for such boy soft musical porn. So they only make me shudder slightly, and I can only think of leftover mince pies where the pastry has gone hard.

trousers said...

...whereas I'm really pleased that Loop's first two albums have been reissued. Er, is that the same sort of thing?

Ms Melancholy said...

Hi there Ms Hathor, at risk of doing to death the food metaphor, I agree that Mr Barlow has - like a fine Stilton - only improved with age. Who would ever have guessed that he would turn into the hot one?

As for Mc Fly - I am so old that I had to google them for an image.....I am guessing that the quarter that you don't fancy is the blonde one with the underbite? However, I am also guessing that he is the talented one who is raking in the cash by writing most of the songs and that when they reform in 15 years time he will be the hot one that dirty old women fancy. You read it here first..... :)

Darling Bobo, that is not obvious at are Mr Metrosexual and Take That are the icons of fact, I am rather disappointed that you can't appreciate the buttery crumbliness of their over-sweetened pastry. The food metaphor is now closed. Promise.

Lovely Mr Trousers, I am going off to google Loop. I may be gone some time.

(There seems to be a trend for 70's prog-rock reissues - Pink Floyd, The Zep, Genesis - so my money is there.....although knowing you it'll be some fantastically obscure German industrial punk band. I'll be back.)

Ms Melancholy said...

Hi Trousers, it's me again.

the band's sound was influenced by Krautrock and No Wave influences (Wikipedia)


trousers said...

Yes indeedy. Life-changing they were at the time, for me anyway. Bless 'em.

Reading the Signs said...

The Samaritans set up a help line? Where where they when they Monkees disbanded I'd like to know? Life was tough in those days, I just had to butch it out on my own. Er - you were saying something about getting old -

Ms Melancholy said...

Absolutely Ms Signs!