Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Words and pictures

44,000 / 80,000 words done in the Global Climate Change book. At points it has been more, but these feel like 44,000 good words. It's quick now. I think and think but when I write it's rapid. 1500 words an hour at top speed. 

The neuroscience stuff I've been learning has really helped. It feels solid now. Like a book made of triangles.

Speaking of books made of triangles, the textbook-publishing-people loved my idea for my 'audition chapter' for the-best-book-about-triangles-ever-written. They actually said LOVE. In capitals. I had presented one main idea and two backups. They said 'don't worry about the backup ideas, the first idea is PERFECT.' In capitals.

Isn't that lovely?

This company has a great track record for best sellers. When I was nine I had a wonderful teacher called Mr Long. He was a hippy. He had long hair and a beard and he sat at his desk strumming on his guitar all day. He had time for every one of us. It was before the national curriculum, in the days when learning didn't mean ticking boxes. He taught us in small groups, according to our interests and strengths. Mr Long taught me and two other children all about triangles. Sin and Cos and Tan and Pythagorus. He told my parents that one day I would be a writer. 

I am rather taken with the idea of writing a best seller about triangles.

I would dedicate it to Mr Long.


Böbø said...

Mr King was my Mr Long. In explaining how reactionary the Ultramontaine party was during the French Revolution, he opened the door, strode outside into the corridor, and shouted back at us. He was also prone to stand on chairs and desks to make a point. What would Oftsed of said?

The Cornish Cowgirl said...

If you are writing a book about triangles you should dedicate it to Mr Cool, not Mr Long.


anticant said...

He didn't teach you how to spell Pythagoras.

Stray said...

Lovely bobo, I was always a fan of the teachers who threw things, stood on desks or moved the whole class outside to make a point.

Hey Cornish Cowgirl - you are so right! I don't have that book ... I think I might need it for 'research' purposes.

Ah Anticant - he did indeed teach me, but the blogger international-spellcheck prefers it with a 'u', as does my US based publisher.

It didn't look right to me either, but not nearly as bad as all the z's I'm realizing I will have to use.

uphilldowndale said...

EVERY child should have a Mr and Ms Long, My son's Ms Long is leaving this term to run a pub and write a book or two (I don't know about the pub bit, but she can deliver on books, she is already a published writer; it will be a loss to his school, but not the world.