Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A Wallaby and a Hedgehog..

Whilst I was posting the picture of the Hedgepig yesterday evening, he returned by the back door. Ms M kindly gave him a plate of cat biscuits, and Wallaby Cat thinking it rude to leave our guest eating alone joined in.


Reading the Signs said...

This is almost biblical: "and the lion shall lie down with the lamb" etc. (and the cat shall eat biscuits with the hedgehog). A bit of heaven on earth.

That's So Pants said...




Political Umpire said...

It's often assumed that hedgehogs' defensive system works perfectly. One day our family pet Staffie (giant by English standards, they seem to be bigger in NZ) encountered one for the first time. He tried sniffing it, probably with amiable intent. Snout touched prickles and reared back accordingly. Doubtless the hedgehog thought it was safe, as did us onlookers (including myself, two girls from school I was trying to impress jointly and severally, and my Mum, whom I wished would go inside and stop embarrassing me - who was aged 16 at the time).

Not so. Dog looked for a moment, then repositioned himself, lifted his leg and peed directly on the hedgehog.

You could almost hear him say 'prickles won't help you now' ... as indeed they didn't ...