Friday, 16 January 2009

Turning up the contrast

Becoming a family - Ms M, Badger, Master M and me - has been enlightening. And, more dramatically, it has been endarkening.

Every wonderful high has a deeper shading behind it. The possibility of never-again.

It reminds me of my dad's observation that fear of heights is a misnomer for fear of depths. The incidence of falling upwards is reassuringly small, but in climbing we create the potential energy that could be converted to kinetic energy with dramatic results.

I do not understand the heathrow decision. Unless we are all to be issued with helicopters to transport us to and from the airport I cannot imagine how it would be possible to cram the trains and tubes and roads more tightly than today. Surely it's not for flying in avocados? The world is quite clearly mad.


McBöbø said...

It is enlightening.

The face of Younger Son pulling out the 1/72 scale model figures of an Undead Army. How happy can a boy be with indistinct globs of plastic?

The happy yabbering of Older Son, following me from room to room, happy to be in my company, sharing my wit and wisdom.

Utterly brilliant stuff.

Ken said...

Everytime we think we have gotten as far as we can on something we find a new way. as in VCR's we thought we had it all dialed in, then came DVD's and now Blue ray. Who knows what is next.