Monday, 28 January 2008


Today I have been mostly worrying about:

  • Filing my tax return
  • Paying my tax bill
  • Finding six years of bank statements that appear to have been sucked through the rip in the space-time vortex that appears each time you move house
  • Ruby chasing sheep
  • My pension, or indeed lack of it. (There was no particular reason to worry about that today, but it always pops up on my random list of worries when worrying is on my mind)
  • Filing my tax return
  • Paying my tax bill (did I say that bit already?)
  • Amy Winehouse (somebody has to, alright?)
  • Whether James Blunt can pull off that difficult second album (joke, you hear me)
  • What else has disappeared into the rip in the space-time vortex, and whether or not I will need it urgently
  • Paying my tax bill
Things I haven't been worrying about today:
  • The rogue US spy satellite crashing down on my head. But apparently I should have been.


Stray said...


And midst all that you still found time to discuss the finer points of the churning of alpha chimps in pre and post modern society, and make sausage casserole for dinner?

I expect the bank statements will turn up, along with my missing USB stick, the rice wine vinegar and a pile of odd socks. Hopefully.

Don't worry about that satellite, if it does land on someone's head it's sure to be one of those unlucky people, not us.

As for the continuing game of 'rock, paper, scissors' with little roo, I am wondering whether we could commission a blue ball made out of parma ham?


Charlotte said...

Yes, the horrible tax. I've just finished worrying about that, so I'll join you in worrying about Amy. I hope she gets better and makes us some more of that amazing music.

But Why? said...

Following that, I am worried by:

1) The concept of churned chimp sausage casserole (sounds tasty, though probably illegal. I guess you don't have hordes of maraudering bobbies piling through your dale, so you'll probably get away with it. Seems a shame to sausagise good chimp though - what's wrong with chimp steak?)

2) Combining Ruby with blue parma ham - I reckon if you can make a blue ball out of parma ham, there's some serious bacteriological baby-making going on on that there pig slice. It may seem a good idea now, an eco-friendly disposal of over-aged pork, but, please... don't do it. Think of Ruby. Think of the lingering stench post-digestion, think of the global warming potential of the Rubygenic methane...

Lynx217 said...

how bout the money order I mailed nearly two weeks ago that still hasn't arrived at its destination and I can't find the "receipt" for. Besides, how do you cancel a money order and get a refund? Man what if this hits my ebay acct bad?

Ms Melancholy said...

Hi there Charlotte, I thought it was a joke, but I've realised I am genuinely worried about Amy. How difficult must it be to carry such a massive talent at such a young age? I think I just may have to invite her to live with us here for a while. It's terribly hard to get hold of crack in our village.

Hey but why?, you have totally hit your head on the nail there. Rubygenic methane.....just fab!

Hey lynx, gosh, and I thought I had worries! At least my ebay account is still sound, which is very, very important when you live 15 miles from the nearest half decent set of shops.

Ms Melancholy said...

PS Stray, thanks honey! Stopped worrying about the satellite - promise.

Böbø said...

You know procrastination is a form of agitation, an unhelpful passive behaviour. You so don't need me to tell you, of all people, that. Yet come how I rather delight in it.

Oh the schadenfreude joy of other people's scripty moments.

Now, is 15 months after leaving my old home long enough to be bothered about changing the address on my driving licence? Why do all these people want to know these things!

PS: If Rubeeeeeee doesn't want the Parma Ham Ball, can H and I have it on Saturday?

Ms Melancholy said...

Hey Bobo, I think by now I must have a royal flush of personality adaptions....I was holding out for passive-aggressive. (That, by the way, was a very sophisticated therapist joke. You can complement me later.)

You are most welcome to a ball of very old parma ham for dinner on Saturday. Meanwhile, Stray and I shall be tucking into leg of lamb and no doubt making you very jealous indeed. I may let you have a Yorkshire pudding, so long as you ask nicely. Looking forward to it x