Monday, 21 January 2008

Who said what?

Ms M and I have difficulty understanding each other... and that is not because I speak Badgerish nor she Therapistist.

Ms M though, does, (possibly) needs her ears syringing, as I seem to recall the last time she went to have this done she did in fact pass out.. it could on the other hand be said I need my own ears clearing as I have the amazing ability to "suck my ears in" which no one else I am yet to encounter understands. It comes from when I "tic" so loudly that my own body seemingly protects itself by briefly closing my inner ears. If anyone else has this ability I would love to know I am not alone. I can also do it on command, like at a particularly loud concert.

So generally our conversations go something along the lines of...

Ms M .... "Gosh, its windy out!"
Badger .... "No its not its Thursday"
Ms M .... "yes, I am thirsty too, cup of tea?"

And what is even more surprising after a conversation such as this one is that often when Ms offers to make Tea, a full blown dinner arrives! who would have thought! All I was expecting was a brew. Darn southerner that I am. Tea is a drink... surely?

Only today did I catch Ms M whipping out the iron and a pair of trousers, upon asking what on earth she was doing I was told "Ironing up the trousers to web them" i assumed she meant she was going to sell them on ebay. She wasnt she was "taking them up with wonder web".... of course.

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Böbø said...

Tea is a meal?
Wonder Web?
Taking up Trousers - does he even know?

Is Ms MMMmmmmmm secretly in league with Thora Hird? Have you moved on to the set of Last of the Summer Wine and not been given orientation lessons?

PS: Stray, would you move the byline to be under the title and make it a bit bolder, so I can be pre-warned whose voice to use when reading the post!